Build these basic business and networking skills to excel in your dream job.

Many people are discouraged because they are stuck in a job from which they see no exit. Or, worse, you don't have a job and are looking for one, but you don't want to settle for a job without a future.

You're frustrated because you know you can succeed if you're given the chance. But you know that you need to stand out from the competition to get the chance. And you don't have the time or money to go back to school.

You recognize that you need networking opportunities but still feel helpless because you don't know how to proceed. You feel that more business skills, certification and help in networking could really move you forward.

It's painful because not much that you learned at school can be applied in the business, government or not-for-profit sector in which you work or want to work.

And you're frustrated because you cannot find an affordable program that lets you build your business and network skills on your own time, without tons of reading, and without time wasted commuting to class.

You're discouraged because you know that you would really benefit from personalized guidance but can't get it.

There is a solution…

Become A Certified Business Economics Specialist - BESt™

The Business Economics Specialist program, BESt™, is a certified, affordable, video-based online learning centre and support system, that helps you learn key business and networking skills, at your pace. 

The program concentrates on the basic application of economics principles that drive business and not-for-profit organizations' success. We work with you to develop these on-the-job and networking skills so that you can find your path to the job and industry that you want.

This 131-video, condensed, video-based course is designed to let you master key macroeconomic business principles in minutes. 

This course includes 131 short videos, textbook references, condensed cheat sheets, and quizzes to make sure you are on track.

What you're getting:

BESt™ Certification Sets You Apart

Open doors and set yourself apart with this time-efficient business certification that can put you on a path to better jobs and pay.  We'll guide you

Business Skills Accelerate Careers

Apply your new set of business economics skills to make more money for you and your employer - and open up advancement opportunities

Feel the Satisfaction of Winning

Win the career that you want with powerful business skills and insights that you did not learn at school but are highly valued by business, not-for-profits and government

Affordable and Rewarding

Costs are a fraction of most traditional education and certification courses. Professional, short videos respond to visual-learning needs, creating a satisfying experience

131 beautifully-animated, short videos take you step-by-step through key business economics principles

Test your knowledge with responsive, dynamically generated quizzes

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Learning Tools

    • Navigating Multimedia Files

    • Multimedia Quiz Map

  • 2

    Math Basics

    • Introduction to Lines

    • Slopes and Intersections

    • Curves and Fractions

  • 3

    The Basics of Economics

    • How Income Flows - Households and Firms

    • Circular Flow of Income

    • Opportunity Cost vs. Choice

    • Selfish vs. Self-Interest

    • Time Value of Money

  • 4

    Measuring Aggregate Output

    • Calculating GDP

    • GDP vs. GNP

    • Capital Stock and Flow Variables

    • Saving and Investment

    • Nominal vs. Real Quantities

  • 5

    Unemployment and Inflation

    • GDP Deflator vs. CPI

    • Population Employment and Unemployment

    • Unemployment and the Recessionary Gap

  • 6

    Aggregate Demand and Supply

    • Inflationary Gap Without Government Intervention

    • Interest Rates vs. Bond Prices

  • 7

    Government and Fiscal Policy

    • Fiscal Deficit vs. Debt

    • Spending Multiplier

    • Tax Multiplier

    • Government Spending

    • Fiscal Policy - Taxation

    • Population Pyramids

    • Solutions to the Population Pyramid

  • 8

    Money Supply and Monetary Policy

    • Money Demand

    • Money Supply

    • Fractional Reserve Banking

    • Money Supply and the Money Multiplier

    • Monetary Policy

  • 9

    International Trade

    • Comparative Advantage and International Trade

    • Benefits of Trade

    • Currency Exchange Rates


If you are not completely satisfied with our videos, course content, and support, just let us know within 30 days of signing up for the course or program, and we will refund 100% of your signup payment.

The best part is:

If you think there's a slight chance that an Econblox course or program can work for you, you should enroll today.

Because you can try the material, ask us questions...and see if it's right for you over the next 30 days. No guess work needed. Use the material, ask questions, and see for yourself.

If it works, you will have made a huge step forward in advancing your life-journey of success. If it doesn't work, we refund your money.

That is a win-win proposal!

About the instructor

Program Director

Jay Moulton

I first learned Economics some time ago. I had no idea if I would pass that course or even survive Harvard Business School.  I found it tough sledding, but I survived and actually exceeded my expectations. So, many years later, when I had the opportunity to choose a college-level introductory course that would most benefit from short, broadcast animations and videos, I chose Economics.I’ve worked with hundreds of professors, teachers, consultants, PhDs, filmmakers, animators, and students to identify and illustrate the real-world economics concepts that give learners the biggest headaches, then to solve those problems with some of the best educational videos on the planet.As a corporate finance and turnaround specialist, I've successfully applied these principles to my own businesses and to others across North America.  I remain a trusted advisor to companies and have the capacity to add new clients.I promise you that, with your effort and these videos, we’ll help you exceed your expectations too.PS: If you have questions or want to schedule a call, please send me an email.

"Mentorship really makes a difference! In the last five years, I have worked in corporate sales for companies including Microsoft, Xerox and Bell. I have excelled in my sales career because of my continuous education and ambition to do more. Combining my motivation and skill set with Jay's insights and experience has really helped me advance my corporate career and networking results.  Econblox's business economics course helped me better understand my clients' businesses. Econblox videos are superior to any other educational videos that I have seen.  I found that most online courses were not designed to be delivered online and didn’t engage.  Not this one! I highly encourage you to test drive these Econblox courses to see how they work for you."  Robert Prasher, Enterprise Account Executive

"The films have a fast tempo that respond to students' attention spans and will help many tremendously. The animations are clear, sleek and understandable."  Emilie Johnsson,  Student, Concordia University

"Incredible career event!  Jay showed up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to turn around my employer, a failing environmental remediation company.  I worked closely with Jay to accomplish the task.  We turned the company around in 9 months! Understanding economics, and its application in the real world, is an essential business skill and was key to my career advancement.  The Econblox videos are some of the best educational videos I have ever seen."  Terry Whipple, Executive Director, Juneau County Economic Development Corporation, Wisconsin

"Fantastic training for highly applicable cross-sector skillsets.  As a Harvard MBA who has worked extensively with not-for-profit organizations, it was great to find Jay. He is an experienced, multi-industry veteran, with relevant not-for-profit experience. His ability to transform complex business concepts and networking know-how to easily digestible courses is remarkable. These skills prove to be just as essential to career success in the not-for-profit sector as they are in the for-profit sector. I was able to quickly apply these learnings to both advancing my own career and leading my not-for-profit clients to success."  Sandy Liu, Marketing Executive and Entrepreneur

"I think this effort is outstanding and I'm recommending it to my students."   Mike Fladlien,  Economics Teacher, Iowa

"The videos are very concise and to the point...the application of real world examples makes them very easy to follow ... perfect length."  Ryan Besse,  Student, McGill University

"These guys demonstrated time and time again, their understanding of what it takes to create truly successful and engaging educational videos."  Daniel Rivet,  Executive Director, Ideeclic